Sep 10, 2003

plep in rome
Well Steve of PLEP is here in Rome and even visited me in my studio! I bombarded him with all of my ART FOR HOUSEWIVES theories but luckily he's very mild-mannered and took it all in stride. Benvenuto, Steve! I hope you're having a good time despite the shock of seeing the Pope's face on lollipops.
It's interesting meeting someone live that you've know for a long time but only via internet. And we had a great time talking about mutual "friends", weblogs that we both follow. (for example, we both worried about the lack of Iconomy updates).

Via Plep: Demanding the Impossible: A History of Anarchism book--The World of Donald Evans, mail artist extraordinaire--The Owl House of Helen Martins, a South African outsider art environment --"I Want Freedom, the Right to Self-Expression,
Everybody's Right to Beautiful Radiant Things", The Emma Goldman Papers --~ madhubani painting ~an on-line exhibit of folk paintings by women artists who live in the Madhubani district of northern India --Tending the Commons: Folklife and Landscape in Southern West Virginia incorporates --
"Cold Off The Presses"

Well I'm going to have to update my links list. Several changes out there. For example, J-walk , unfortunately, has decided to call it quits.
Recently discovered: mirabilis--bad designs via the pod's journal --
James Luckett Exhibit Opening at Sleeth Gallery


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