Oct 20, 2003

modern mystics
Yesterday there were 300,000 people in St. Peter's Square for the beatification of St. Theresa of Calcutta. She is considered, by many, to be somewhat of a mystic.
Mysticism has, in the past, fascinated me because of it's blurring together of pleasure and of pain.
For awhile, I researched St. Catherine of Siena. And her fixation with corpses of men who'd been hung to death. Men who die in this way experience a definite physical change. They're, you know, well-hung.
And have you ever seen Bernini's St. Teresa in Ecstasy? Apparently Bernini was greatly influenced by the Bible's highly sensual Songs of Solomon.
Religion can be, sometimes, an erotic experience.

Mother Teresa of Calcutta ----The Site for Christian Mystics Traditional and Contemporary--moved her mouth for love----Teresa of Ávila: The Progress of a Soul---modern mystics---Swami: Encounters with Modern Mystics book

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Paintings by Sesow from Sofia, Bulgaria


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