Oct 5, 2003

stormy weather
The roar of overhead helicopters has mellowed out....yesterday Rome hosted the The Commission for the European Constitution and Protective Measures animated the city. There was also the New Global manifestation as well as that of the unions.
And there was another storm last night but no trees fell on pwerlines so it rained with the lights on.
Pierluigi and I are dieting together. So I'm often in a bad mood and that's why I post so little now. You know, there's no food for thought.

pennydreadful--Truman Calls On Nation To Forego Meat Tuesdays, Poultry, Eggs Thursdays to help stockpile grain for starving people in Europe---Otto MUEHL (A): Bodybulding, 1965 via gmtPlus9--Brien D. Coleman and leftover newspapers--global collage--surrealistic collage--portrait of Sigmund Freud was made from pills via j-walk--


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