Jan 19, 2004

buon giorno once again
For my birthday Pierluigi took me Foyle's in London and said: I'll give your 45 minutes to pick out all of the books you want. So, with a real Roller Derby attitute, I went wild!
One of the books I picked was ART WITHOUT BORDERS based on the Schlumps.

That which takes place without forethought, art, or understanding is Schlump, the unexpected lucky break. (Grimm’s Dictionary) It was just by chance that in 1984 a group of so-called mentally handicapped people who felt the urge to paint began to meet with the painter Rolf Laute in the basement of the institution known as Townhouse Schlump near the Schlump subway station in Hamburg. Many of the Schlumpers, as they came to call themselves, had been unable to fit into the routines of the usual workshops for the handicapped and had been classified as unsuitable for such activities.
And another book deals with Jean Dubuffet and Art Brut, Art Brut : The Origins of Outsider Art.
related: Disabled Artists in Germany--"SCHLUMPER von BERUF" ---carol bailly---more carol---Thérèse Bonnelalbay---Thérèse Bonnelalbay Dessins, documents---Thérèse’s father was a coalman. She moves to Marseille in 1950. There she works as a nurse. She also becomes a member of the Communist party. She gets married in 1959 and has two children. In 1963, during one of her political meetings, she begins to doodle with an ink pen on a piece of paper----Burnat-Provins, Marguerite----Parallel to her pictorial and literary activities, Burnat-Provins painted a series of strange portraits entitled Ma Ville, from 1914 until her death in 1952, at the age of eighty years---Auguste Forestier--He puts up his works for sale on the walls of the hospital courtyard. Using a shoemaker's leather knife, he sculpts wood, adding various scraps onto it (nails, lids from boxes, old coins, pieces of fabric). -----A shell-shocked veteran of WWII, Carlo Zinelli incessantly painted bold, powerful images of figures, animals, weapons and words, while institutionalized in Verona, Italy. ----During 1962, Carlo would leave his work to collect the elements of his collages: insects, birds' wings, flowers and, particularly, empty cigarette packages, gluing them with gouache onto sheets of paper that were either blank or already painted----artist: Carlo Zinelli---hector-hyppolite----Hector Hyppolite, a Haitian legend ---Haitian art is unique for its fusion of French and African cultures. Unrefined yet bursting with color and originality, it captures the island's joie de vivre.---The Hats of Mr. Zenobe --Slowly, Poladian -- who died in 1982 -- began to transform from a depressed recluse into a vibrant street theatre performer. He collected pieces of junk and cloth and made them into incredible costumes and props. --What is Outsider Art?----Mark Beyer's unique artwork is a mass of contradictions:
He is somehow able to combine humor with hopelessness,
graphic sophistication with a genuinely primitive drawing style,
and rich detail with haunting bleakness---Traditional folk art is also likely to have served as inspiration for Zemankova. She was clearly familiar with these traditions, and apparently even collected some examples of folk costumes---Zemankova, a Prague housewife who suffered from chronic depression and who never pursued a formal art education, began making swirling, luminous drawings in 1960, at the age of fifty-two. She often drew in a trancelike state, as if channeling a spiritual force---The Musgrave Kinley Outsider Art Collection on loan to the Irish Museum of Modern Art consists of over 600 works. ---Works by Anna Zemánková---Reinhold Metz is born in 1942 in Karlsruhe-Durlach. After primary school, he works in a printer's shop and later with an antique dealer----Madge Gill (1882-1961), an illegitimate child whose existance was long concealed by the mother, spent nearly all her life in London. She began to draw at thirty-seven, without ever having had any art lessons---The tremendous creative outpourings of the mediumistic artist Madge Gill began after her only daughter died at birth in 1919 and a subsequent illness duri which she lost the sight in one eye. ---artist: Franca Settembrini----In the late 1950s, psychiatrist Leo Navratil of the Maria Gugging Psychiatric Clinic had his patients produce drawings for experimental purposes. The following year he discovered artistically talented individuals in his ward - a finding that was confirmed by Jean Dubuffet. His first book Schizophrenie und Kunst was published in 1965. ----Set between tall shady trees, a number of faded pink palladian villas are all that remains of what used to be the Psychiatric Hospital of Florence. It is here that La Tinaia is based, a place where patients paint and make ceramics. As a 70s experiment in subverting conventional psychiatric practice, La Tinaia has borne fruit in the form of a number of extraordinary painters and ceramic artists ---Noah Purifoy's large-scale scupltures create a whole brave new world in Joshua Tree and establish him as an international leader in his genre of assemblage art---


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