Jan 29, 2004

the problem with common sense is that it's no longer common
Edgar Morin is a fascinating French philosopher. Inforturnately, it's difficult to find his works translated into English.

In his latest work, Une politique de civilisation*, Edgar Morin develops the views on the state of the world which he had already outlined in Terre-Patrie, and proposes a reform of politics and our way of thinking, to take us beyond the multi-faceted, global crisis we are currently experiencing---His research in philosophy, history and sociology is focused on creating respect for both individuals and the complex wholes in which individuals live their lives----According to Edgar Morin, 'it's not enough to value the links between experiences, disciplines, creativity and ideas. One has to develop methods, strategies and practices that will transform those links to the real connections'----French sociologist Edgar Morin suggests that the traditional disciplines can no longer be enough to address the complex problems of Society and Humanity with special reference to peace & development. He proposes seven necessary kinds of knowledge for the education of the future---In Search of Creativity:Beyond Individualism and Collectivism


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