May 30, 2004

my blooming body
You know, sometimes you just have to let go. My closet is full of little black dresses that don't fit me any more. I can't seem to get rid of them because it seems like I'd be getting rid of a part of myself that I'd like to hang on to. But this refusal is blocking my evolution. So yesterday I Cleaned Out My Closet. Which meant that it was empty and needed a refill. So I took a taxi to Via Nazionale and began a blitz. Shopping. Hardcore shopping.
And, after having worn black all winter, I decided that it was time for a nice flowered dress. You know, a walking garden. And this desire made me wonder, when did women start taking the flowers out of their vases and sticking them onto their clothes. I mean, why flowers?

Pina's flowered dress--- Lady in Flowered Dress--floral prints--a real flower dress--A new exhibition looks at how Warhol and others have interpreted something as simple—and not so simple as the flower. ---feedsack fabrics for clothes--Feedbags: From Rags to Riches----fabric history---America's Quilting History---Floral Prints----History of the Printed Tablecloth----from the lady's flower garden---Fantasy Floral ---purse with flowers--Flowered Dress with Apron----Flowered Dress----1950 Pretty Polished Chintz Flowered Dress ----Brocade Flower Dress---Pink-Laced Flower Dress For Small or Teacup Dogs---dress pattern---The Floral Dress---1950's Yellow Floral Dress ----DeROSA FLORALS----floral fabric--vintage dress with flowwers---sleeveless dress with flowers--fabric flower--hawaiian flowers--Flower Fabric Covered Photo Albums---fabric designs--"FLOWER PATCH" Fabric Shower Curtain ---vintage floral fabric shoulder bags ---Les Fleurs du Jardin---more flowers--brief history of female fashion--


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