May 19, 2004

Still configurating to the new house. The best thing about it is that it has two terraces. Every Romans dream.
Working fulltime as a part-time housewife and a weekend gardener. At first I wanted to buy every kind of plant possible. Then I decided that everyone should have A Plant Of One's Own. For Chiara, I decided on the Camelia, because of Dumas' La Dame Aux Camilas. Where he writes: If a woman could know at 20 what she knows at 40, she'd live her life in a diffent way.
"Don't you dare presume to be exempted.
You know that I fall sick from smelling the flowers."
This is a passage from the novel "La Dame aux Camelia" by Alexander Dumas (fils). The heroine Marguerite, "Lady of the Camellias", scolds her suitor who unknowingly displeases her with a gift of strong-smelling bouquet. Allergic to the strong scent of flowers, she always holds a bouquet of camellias with little scent to avoid coughing.

One plant I like because it's so photogenic is the Hydrangéa. In Italian it's called Ortensia.

The International Camellia Society---Camellia Links---an informal web site on growing camellias as a hobby---Natasha's Cliff Notes on The Lady of the Camellias ----Hydrangea Nikko Blue ---Hydrangeas are rather easy plants to grow---Hydrangeas are deciduous---pressed hydrangea--The hydrangea is a tall shrub which needs rich, moist soil in sun or partial shade. It flowers in summer. When fully grown it can be 120cm high---hydrangea and raspberry fabric--TWO METHODS FOR ROOTING HYDRANGEAS----Hydrangea Cuttings


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