Jun 22, 2004


French artichokes Posted by Hello

artichokes in art: artichoke polaroid transfer--artichoke queen---Artichokes. They started appearing everywhere in my life--- artichokes, 1998--Rookwood vase, artichoke form with overlapping leaves, covered with a good yellow matt glaze, --THE JERUSALEM ARTICHOKE symbolises both the meeting and the integration of the European French culture and that of the American Indian. It represents the meeting of the New and the Old worlds and the adaptation of the first settlers in their new environnent. The Jeruselem artichoke is an indigenous plant which served both as food for human consumption and for livestock.----"Artichokes" Fine Art Glass Cutting Board ----Two Artichokes Poster---PARTY ARTICHOKES WITH THREE DIPS ----Still Life With Menu Cookbook---Wild Artichokes, Flowering Artichokes----artichoke tiles---artichoke icon---Artichokes are a recurring theme in medieval and renaissance textiles---artichoke print exhibition---another artichoke---Bakelite artichoke--photogenic artichoke---


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