Jun 18, 2004

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Smell and Attraction----Can our brain smell opposite sex? Study Finds Brain Reacts To Sex-Specific Chemicals ---How Our Sense of Smell Works----The sense of smell is one of mankind's earliest tools of survival.---Do you smell?---The perception of smell consists not only of the sensation of the odours themselves but of the experiences and emotions associated with these sensations.---- The Smell of Strong Emotions ..
Study finds similar brain response to pleasant and unpleasant scents, settings
Nigel visits Albuquerque to test out what is regarded as one of nature's worst smells – skunk odour.--- HOW THE SENSE OF SMELL AFFECTS BODY, MIND & SPIRIT--Smell is one of the chemical senses---Making sense of smell---Smell, Emotion Processor In Brain May Be Altered In Depressed Patients--The sense of smell is the most neglected of all of the senses in humans----How do our olfactory senses work? How do we smell? Why do we smell? ---


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