Jun 17, 2004

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In the Haitian religion, Loa are spirits, who are the protectors and guardians of humans. The Loa can take on many forms throughout nature, like plants and trees as well as manifesting in objects found in your home---haitian vodou, This is a religion of "transformative practices"-religious practices which involve harnessing or mobilizing other-worldly forces to have some effect on human life. Most religions have examples of this type of practice; even a wedding can be considered in this way; but the transformative actions of vodou and many other forms of African spirituality require words or rituals or other actions as part of the transformative act; this makes them into processes of demonstration and activation as well as transformation---The voodoo flag shown here is unique - the artist is a painter, and rarely worked in this medium. The monotone painting is very unusual and striking because Haitian painters are known for using vivid colors and rarely if ever paint in black and white. This is possibly an experiment in duplicating a monochrome vevé drawing on canvas.---Voudon loa (spirit) Erzuli Dandor, here represented as the Black Madonna of Poland (Our Lady of Czestochowa).---Francoise Eliassaint was born in 1958 in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. She is one of the few internationally acclaimed woman painters in Haiti. She began painting as a student of the famous painter Andre Normil, and later became his wife---Levoi Exil was born in Fermate far up the mountain above Port-au-Prince on December 7, 1944, or in Soissons-la-Montagne on October 19, 1944, depending on which book you consult--home altar----Vaudou/Voodoo: Spirit in Art---VOODOO MASK FROM LIBERIA - Carved wooden mask depicts a creature that may be part cow, part alligator, and part human. It is intricately decorated with layers of cowrie shells and fabrics, but has lost the raffia hair that would have reached to the ground from holes in the mask. The fur bag contains a stone talisman carved to depict a monkey on one side, an owl on the reverse, and protects the wearer of the mask from evil.--Voodoo Flag or Drapo is the finest art unique from Haiti that was originally made only for religious ceremonies as praying cloths.--

project for the day: make A Personal Loa


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