Jun 15, 2004

a middle-minded day  Posted by Hello
Today I feel strange. My neurobics are in tilt. Am I here or am I there? Undecided. So I just float around inbetween. Which means I get so little accomplished. Of course.
Neurobics: Exercising your brain...Routine does not engage your brain. We need to do things that trigger new associations in the brain, especially things that are fun....there is a neuro link between the heart and the brain...New stimulations are certainly a contributing factor to keeping your brain young and strong---Brain Waves, So whereas the rest of your body is bagging and buckling and sagging and going wrinkly, if you exercise your brain, then it's not going to do that on you, it's actually going to become more and more personalised, more and more individual--Brain Waves Can Move Objects---brainwaves and obsessive art making---ART AND THE BRAIN IN THE LEARNING PROCESS--There and Back Again: An Artist's Exploration of the Science behind Art and Creativity
new link: Coincidences, a photography blog with links like: robin rice gallery---GWEN AKIN and ALLAN LUDWIG ---Jesseca Ferguson---


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