Jun 8, 2004

Someone's anti-theft alarm woke me up last night. I'd like to throw the bags I have under my eyes in their face.

Hypnagogic Hypersynchrony are EEG wave forms that are indicative of drowsiness headed towards sleep. It can often precede any behavioral indications of sleep.
Today I'm Out of Sync.

Interesting link via Things: Artist's Maps. They look better than those post Versailles Treaty.More Things from some Things: Scrapbooks---Things to do with your old Mac---
See, too: Star Maps----on the maps according to where we thought ---We endlessly create markers, signs, roadways and paths which define where we can go ----The Postcard House---painted maps---map collage--Wall Clock with Map ---another map---Textile map---world map quilt--Quilted Map of Canada---


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