Jul 22, 2004

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God as a bricoleur.....
Nature, God's Great Project---THE COGNITIVE TECHNIQUES OF TOTEMISM--Transformation of Religion in the Context of Fundamentalist Milieus--Levi Strauss alludes to the bricoleur; someone who uses the means at hand, i.e. instruments he finds at his disposition around him, inherited concepts. By trial and error the bricoleur adaps them, not hesitating to change them where necessary. For Derrida, there is a critique of language in the form of bricolage. Bricolage is critical language itself. Levi Strauss contrasts the bricoleur with the engineer who should be the one to construct the totality of his language, syntax and lexicon. In this sense the engineer is a myth. For Levi Strauss, bricolage is a mythopoetical, intellectual activity. It is here that we see that his discouse on the myth reflects on itself and criticises itself, just as structuralism justifiably claims to be the critique of empiricism. Totalisation is defined a useless and impossible; movement of supplementarity. The sign replaces the centre which supplements it, taking the centre's place in its absence. The sign becomes the supplement--more

Hunt Slonem--A Canvas of 100 Rooms---Since 1973, Hunt Slonem has lived in New York City with his seventy exotic pet birds. The birds are his models. Slonem spends two hours a day caring for them; the rest of the day painting them---Hunt---Chez le peintre Hunt Slonem---Flights of Fancy: Paintings by Hunt Slonem


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