Jul 7, 2004

patterns in daily life Posted by Hello

Spiral links:Spiral galaxies, atmospheric or oceanic circulation, bathtub vortices, or even stirring tea in a cup, are examples that illustrate the ubiquity of swirling flows at all scales in nature--Spirals---Irish spirals---Photos of Chaos, Fractals and Symmetry---children's spirals--SPIRAL GALAXIES---Self-Organization in Biological Systems---The simplest maze type pattern of all is the ordinary spiral. ---egg spiral on a leaf---This spiral needle book pattern uses strip piecing and fusing----Spiral Fylfot, from a Gotland Stone---Spirals in nature, in lab, and in simulations---A SpiralLace Anklet to Knit---Self-Correcting Perfect Spirals---How do you tie-dye a spiral pattern?---Elusive Heat, Chaotic Patterns---water coils-- DO JACKSON POLLOCK'S notorious post-war "drip" canvases--above is a detail from his famous Number 22--actually contain a bidden mathematical pattern? ----Looking for Fractals in Gestural Expressionist Paintings ----Fractals determine date of paintings---Order in Pollock's Chaos---Jackson Pollock's Fractals----Experimental observations of the paintings of Jackson Pollock reveal that the artist was exploring ideas in fractals and chaos before these topics entered the scientific mainstream---Jackson's fractals --Fractal Expressionism--more jackson--he flung paint--

deconstructing brain waves: view of thought in action


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