Aug 4, 2004

vacation time Posted by Hello
to all my internet friends....I'm leaving for Paros and will come back at the end of the month.
kalo taxzidi !
In the heart of the Cyclades Islands, Paros, with 10,000 inhabitants and 120km coastline, is a whole world fulfilling everybody's dream of an Aegean Island. Serene landscape with fertile valleys and rolling hills dotted with small churches and monasteries, endless sandy beaches with sparkling blue waters, famous monuments from the lands rich ancient and medieval past, picturesque white villages bathed in the unique, dazzling Aegean light----Already in ancient history Paros was famous for its semi-transparent marble, which is still quarried today-----Paros has a surface area of 1,865 square kilometers, with 120 kilometers of coastline. In the middle of the island is the highest point - the peak of the mountain Aghios Ilias or Aghii Pantes- reaching 771 meters ---- Archaeological Museum of Paros----In Paros, make sure you try the white and rose wines, and the kitron liquer (local lemons). Also known for shellfish and sardines ----The church of Panagia Ekatonpiliani(Our Lady of Hundreds Gates) or Katapoliani is considered as the most important Byzantine Monument of Greece. It is one of the oldest churches of the island.


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