Sep 1, 2004

Kastro area of Parikia Posted by Hello
Parikia (or Chora) is the biggest settlement of the island with 3,000 inhabitants. During the summer when the population doubles, life in Parikia becomes more vivid and it's strolls are thronged with colorful and multi- lingual crowds of tourists---Near Hora, the archaeological excavations have brought to light ruins of an Asclepieio, the Pythion, a temple of Aphrodite, a temple of Eileithyia, the temple of Zeus Ypatos and Delion which supports the view that Parikia is built on the former site of an ancient port. The city is very beautiful with typical Cycladic features: narrow pebbled little streets, white houses, old mansions, vaulted arches and small picturesque chapels.


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