Sep 1, 2004

street in Parikia Posted by Hello
From a window came the music of Nikos Papazoglou, a singer from Thessaloniki that I use to listen to. I particularly like Pote Budas Pote Kudas. As well as Ydrochoos (the ones my kids use to call Yomo Sta)
Eleftheria Arvanitaki was in concert in Paros the 9th but, not knowing about it, I missed it. Too bad. I love her Red Dress song but how can you not love her titles like "Pao Na Piaso Ourano" (I'm going to touch the sky) and "Oi FIloi Mou De S' Agapoun" (My friends don't love you).
See them at Greek miki songs.

Greece music is of unbelievable diversity due to the creative Greek assimilation of different influences of the Eastern and Western cultures of Asia and Europe---This collection of modern Greek songs is by an extremely popular artist in Greece who mixes old and traditional sounds, with a bit of rock thrown in here and there.This music will appeal to Greeks and others who enjoy very Middle Eastern sounds, as there are influences from Asia Minor in his music, and he sings with a rather nasal tone. I'm a Greek and lived in Athens from 1987 until 1999 , and in those years Papazoglou peaked in popularity , having fantastically moving concerts in which the audience was electrified by the melodies and lyrics--For nearly 20 years now the Thessaloniki-based singer, composer, and arranger Nikos Papazoglou has firmly established himself as one of Greece's most popular and innovative musical artists. His mastery of the "Neo-Rebetiko (Greek Blues)" form has led many to call him Greece's answer to Bruce Springsteen. Papazoglou's unique sound blends Greek musical traditions with folk rock, modern rock, and jazz - a sound that has broadened his popularity throughout Europe where his tours have been consistently sold-out. Among his many songs and compositions, "Avgoustos (August)" and "Kaneis Etho Then Tragouda (No One Sings Here)" remain two of Greece's best-selling and most widely loved ballads of all-time. With Astoria Papazoglou makes his first venture into feature-film scoring and it is with great enthusiasm the makers welcome his extraordinary talent--the rebetiko of the beautiful Sotiria Bellu --Greek music is a mixture of influences from its own indigenous culture with Western and Middle Eastern cultures. Turkish and Ottoman elements can be most clearly heard in the traditional songs, dhimotiká, as well as the modern bluesy rembétika music --Greek Music from Mantzaros to Frank Zappa--- Manos Loizos at George's Greek MIDI Site--Rembetika music is the music of the Greek Underground. It originated in the hashish dens of Pireaus and Thessaloniki with the forced immigration of 2 million Greek refugees from Asia Minor--


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