Sep 1, 2004

view from a balcony in Parikia Posted by Hello
In this area is the house where the heroine of the Greek revolution, Mando Mavrogenous, died. Mando, who financed the Revolution, helped in the organisation of fights, participate to the Philiki Etairia (Secret Revolutionary organisation) and managed to organise troupes in order to revolt against the Turks in 1822.
Following Mavrogenous street from the square of Ekatontapyliani, we arrive at the house of Mando Mavrogenous, a heroine of the Independence War 0f 1821 who died in 1848. This captain of the Independence War mainly acted in Mykonos but her origin was from Paros--- Amongst the heroines of the Greek revolution was Manto Mavrogenous. She was educated at a college in Triestio and spoke Italian and Turkish. She studied ancient Greek philosophy and history. In 1809 her family returned to Mykonos, the island of their origin.


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