Oct 28, 2004

from our bedroom window... Posted by Hello
We stayed at the Cashel House. During the day we'd drive around, pick shamrocks and take fotos of rainbows. Dinner was always served early so we'd go back to our room and Read Before Eating.
Written in my margins: imagination is memory, elasticized valued, turning everyday people into storybook characters, there were smells hanging on his walls, towards Ithaca, they were happy to be sad, see and remember she said, Ibsens' influence on Joyce, inbetween fear & fearlessness, Keats or Yeats?, hemiplegia of the will, artists like cooks in that ingredients are the same but usage is not, literature as memory, memory as imagination, imagination as a form of power, his stream was not following her consciousness, she collected her interior monolgoues and turned them into book, anthologies, he wrote limericks, she visited Limerick


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