Oct 28, 2004

Nora Barnacle's house in Galway Posted by Hello
It was raining but I insisted. I wanted to see her house. To stand in that same doorway that he'd crossed when crossing xexes in his book. It was closed so I tried staring thru the curtains.
Nora complained that James liked to make everyone work for him. She said: If God Almighty came down to earth, you'd have a job for him. She wasn't impressed with his writing abilities much preferring gossip magazines sold at train stations.
1896: family moves to Bowling Green (street)---The Nora Barnacle House Musuem---Nora (1999) film--- Nora Barnacle was from County Galway and is known for her relationship with James Joyce. In 1904 Joyce eloped with Nora having only known her for 3 months. Eventually they married. She is reputed to have had considerable wit and strong spirit, and while not an intellectual match for Joyce she inspired many of his characters, notably Molly Bloom in Ulysses---"Heaven forgive my madness, Jim"--- Who was Nora Barnacle?----James Joyce Centre----foto---foto---- foto----foto----foto----foto----foto----foto----foto----foto----O
Why don't you write books people can read? Nora Joyce


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try waking Finnegan he said

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