Oct 28, 2004

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While Joyce was a student in Paris, he bought a second hand book by Edouard Dujardin that greatly influenced his writing style.
Interior monologue was first used extensively by Edouard Dujardin in his Les Lauriers sont coupés (1887) but it only became widely known with Joyce’s use of it in Ulysses (1922). It was in critical comment upon this text that the term “interior monologue” was first employed. The other important pioneer in the use and development of this literary device was Dorothy Richardson. Sections of her novel sequence Pilgrimage employing interior monologue appeared in serial form along with sections from Ulysses in 1919---"I try to give the unspoken, unacted thoughts of people in the way they occur. But I'm not the first one to do it. I took it from Dujardin."---- the writer Edouard Dujardin, author of Les Lauriers sont coupés, the novel which influenced James Joyce's use of the interior monologue in Ulysses----mary colum---the filigreed self


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