Nov 7, 2004

These are my studio windows. For the next several days you can find me there inside because the outside is not in harmony with my bio-rhythms. Posted by Hello
BUSH WATCH---Dangerous Religion George W. Bush's theology of empire--IS GOD A REPUBLICAN? SHE ASKED-George Bush and the Role of Religion in Government---Machine Error Gives Bush Extra Ohio Votes---Religion News Blog : News about religious cults, sects, alternative religions and related issues ----Verification of Bush State Stereotypes--Bush's Armageddon Obsession, Revisited----The Passover Plot: A New Interpretation of the Life and Death of Jesus book--- Arts and Crafts for Activists---Is Bush Nuts?----THE PERRY BIBLE FELLOWSHIP---It’s Armageddon time; Bush and his loyal Christian fundamentalists want you to have a front row seat! ---The Department of Homeland Decency is forming a Decency Posse in your home town----
The Priory of Sion, the Protocols of Sion, the Seed of David, the King of the Jews, and the Masonic Kingdom----The Brook Kerith by George Moore---George Moore (novelist)----The Messianic Legacy book---The Gnostic Gospels book---The Gospel of Mary Magdalene book---Beyond Belief : The Secret Gospel of Thomas book--- The Illusionist book---The most fascinating Jesus novel out there---The official recognition of sun worship in the Roman Empire began during the time of Aurelian when he instituted the cult of "Sol invictus". The cult of Sol Invictus and that of Mithra are virtually the same----The role of Constantine in the history and development of Christianity has been falsified, misrepresented, and misunderstood. The false eighth-century "Donation of Constantine," has served to confuse matters even further in the eyes subsequent writers--like me, jesus was a capricorn--when myth becomes reality...THE INCREDIBLE MITHRAS MYTH---jesus as a Reincarnation of Mithra----Saul of Tarsus and Christ's Blood---Mithraism and Christianity---The Virgin Birth and Childhood Mysteries of Jesus----he Gospel of Thomas is a collection of Jesus' teachings “written in the name of one who should know them better than anyone: his twin brother, Didymus Judas Thomas.”--- Some traditions suggest that Thomas was Jesus' twin----His Name, Quezalcóatl, means literally "Quetzal-snake" or "the plumed serpent". To the Aztecs the feathers of the quetzal bird were a symbol of something precious. Cóatl also means "twin brother". (see Adamic ~ English Dictionary). Thus the name Quezalcóatl is understood by Mormon Scholars to mean "The Precious Twin", The twin image (same) of the resurrected personage of Calvary----
The history of Jesus and the history of Christianity that we know today is the dogma that the Roman empire forced on all its provinces. When Constantine converted to Christianity, Rome became the center of power also for Christianity and any challenging center was wiped out. What Jesus really said and meant will probably never be known----~ The Nazarene Way ~The Esoteric Teachings of Jesus and the Nazarene Essenes---- Is It Heresy To Call Apostle Paul A Heretic?----Paul The First Heretic---Paul: Apostle or Heretic?


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