Nov 18, 2004

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art production by the mentally ill -----Art Works in Mental HealthTM has been developed to showcase the work and thereby increase understanding of the role of art and artistic expression in the lives of people who are affected by mental ill health----Art Styles, Directions, Movements and Mental Illnesses---- Art and creativity can help people affected by mental ill health to find an outlet for their emotions.......Some examples of famous people with mental illness are painters Frida Kahlo and Georgia O'Keeffe, musicians Cole Porter, Kurt Cobain and Charles Mingus, writers Sylvia Plath, Virginia Woolf and Ernest Hemmingway, and painter Vincent van Gogh -----Creative Mind Shares Traits with Mentally Ill----JUDY CASTELLI does the work of 44 people. That is because the artist, sculptor, singer, songwriter, author, musician, mental-health advocate, inventor, entrepreneur and teacher with a multiple-personality disorder diagnosis says she is 44 people---- Sometimes, we don't hear what our spirits want to tell us, but artists are always listening. I think HAI's artists are tuned to slightly different frequencies than other artists-----ative Growth Art Center provides creative artprograms, educational and independent livingtraining, counseling and vocational opportunitiesfor adults who are physically, mentally andemotionally disabled---John Michael Kohler Arts Center----The Museum of International Folk Art (MOIFA), attracts students, scholars, and museum visitors from the United States and abroad. ----lindsay gallery---american visionary art---J. P. RITSCH-FISCH GALERIE ---- benjamin jones art---To accompany William Hawkins on his walks through the streets of his Columbus, Ohio, neighborhood was like following an experienced prospector in search of gold. Hawkins’s selective eye seized images from newspapers, magazines, and advertisements for a suitcase archive he kept in his bedroom. He combined these images with his own recollections and impressions to create a vivid picture gallery of animals, American icons such as the Statue of Liberty, and historic events. And although Hawkins could barely read and write, he transformed words themselves, usually represented by his signature and birth date and often his place of birth, into powerful visual elements.----‘I AM THE GOD GOLD, THE MOST PRECIOUS, THE MOST BEAUTIFUL OF ALL THE METALS WHILE HUMANITY BEDECKS ITSELF IN ME, IT BECOMES MY SLAVE AND EVEN MY SCAPEGOAT’----


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