Dec 15, 2004

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Just what exactly are those mysterious airplane vapor trails seen filling America's skies? A group of independent investigators may have the answer. In a series of high-tech programs that would enthrall the most dedicated science fiction fans, the military is producing what have become known as "chemtrails" -- the thick, viscous airplane engine trails that have been poisoning the air and ground with toxic chemicals---"chemtrails"--"chemtrails"---"chemtrails"--"chemtrails"---"chemtrails"--"chemtrails"---aerosol fibers--- What classification of clouds are these?----Welcome to TOXMAP -- Chemtrail controversy making the mainstream ---Houston Skies Hit by Illegal Aerosol Operations

from spitting image: The "Apotheosis of Washington" covers 4,664 square feet of concave surface---"Masonic Blueprint of Washington DC"----Zodiacs around DC----"The Secret Architecture of Washington DC" book----

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