Jan 23, 2005

Cause is not effect. Posted by Hello
If I blow pepper in your face, you’re probably going to sneeze. But just because you’re sneezing doesn’t mean that I’ve blown pepper in your face.
Therefore, the same effect does not always have the same cause.

A Brief Guide to Writing Cause and Effect Essays---David Hume, Cause and Effect--- Cause & Effect Diagram---- The philosophical concept of Causality or Causation refers to the set of all particular "causal" or "cause-and-effect" relations Causality and Existentialism……Nihilists subscribe to a deterministic world-view in which the universe is nothing but a chain of meaningless events following one after another according to the law of cause and effect. According to this worldview there is no such thing as "free will", and therefore, no such thing as morality. Learning to bear the burden of a meaningless universe, and justify one's own existence, is the first step toward becoming the "Übermensch" (engl. "overman") that Nietzsche speaks of extensively in his philosophical writings. Nietzsche's life provides an object lesson for some wary of nihilism, maintaining that such lives end quite typically in madness and chaos. Other Existentialists have recommended people have the courage to accept that while no meaning has been designed in the universe, we each can provide a meaning for ourselves. In light of the difficulty philosophers have pointed out in establishing the validity of causal relations, it might seem that the clearest plausible example of causation we have left is our own ability to be the cause of events. If this be so, then our concept of causation would not prevent seeing ourselves as moral agents ---- Quantum Entanglement and Causalità--- The Principle of Causality----Processes and Causality----Causality is the faculty which houses the ability to abstract, think logically, and to trace cause and effect. Causality is looking for the "How?" and the "Why?" and searches for reasonable answers. It gives the ability to understand principles and to investigate theories and philosophies. A strongly developed Causality is the hallmark of thinkers, scientists and philosophers ----Causality is the Law of Identity applied over time. It is the identity of actions. An action requires an entity. It presupposes an entity. Without an entity, action is meaningless. There are no "floating" actions that aren't actions of an entity---- Did you know that if you drive ten miles to buy a Powerball ticket, you're sixteen times more likely to die in a car crash than you are to win the jackpot? Or that, while it is nearly impossible for a coin to land on heads one hundred times in a row, it is equally improbable for any other specific sequence to come up? As Orkin's Law of Absurdity states, "Everything is impossible, yet something must happen." ---100 Most Dangerous Things in Everyday Life and What you Can Do About Them: More people are killed annually by teddy bears than by grizzly bears,Each year, thousands of couch potatoes are admitted to emergency rooms for television-related injuries, There are more germs on your desk than there are on your toilet, and household cleaner is more deadly than anthrax.


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