Jan 12, 2005

Drink and think. Posted by Hello
Water is mandatory for survival. Democracy implies the right to exist. Thus, no free water = no democracy. Water is a necessity, not an industry. Really now, can water be private?
Water is scarce, and increasingly so as reserves are depleted and populations (as well as per capita water consumptions) grow. Currently 31 countries, mostly in the Middle East and Africa, are facing water shortages. By the year 2025 a further 17 countries will be added to this list, including Ethiopia, India, Kenya, Nigeria and Peru. Because of its scarcity, many people believe that water may well become the oil of the 21st century, in reference to the wars that might be fought over it. Indeed, water is already a significant source of tension between countries such as Israel and Palestine, or Hungary and Slovakia---THE (water)PACKAGING SOLUTION FOR THE NEW MILLENNIUM----There are some 60,000 publicly owned and operated non-profit water systems in the U.S. The European Union has demanded in the new GATS-2000 talks that the U.S. open up this sector to for-profit water companies such as Suez, known as United Water in the U.S, and Vivendi, known as U.S. Filter. Similar terms in the proposed FTAA would lock in disastrous water privatization required by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank of developing countries----how corporations are planning to take control of local water sources--- Water companies with appalling environmental track records could behanded control of water resources across the world if the European Union getsits way at the World Trade Organisation talks in Doha later this month. TheEuropean Union, including the UK, is pushing for further liberalisation oftrade in services including water services through the General Agreementon Trade in Services (GATS)--- Corporate Europe Observatory (CEO) is a European-based research and campaign group targeting the threats to democracy, equity, social justice and the environment posed by the economic and political power of corporations and their lobby groups---our world is not for sale--Over one-hundred civil society groups around the world have issued a call to the European Union, and its leaders from France, Germany, Italy and the UK who are at the G-8 summit at Evian (in neighbouring France, on the shores of the Lac Leman) to withdraw the 'requests' to developing countries to open up their water sectors to enable the European private sector water industry to supply water services----World Bank, WTO, and corporate control over water---Citizens Triumph Over Corporate Control of Water in StocktonJudge Rescinds Largest Water Privatization Contract on West Coast----'Water warriors' to fight against corporate control ----- Kerala Water Authority---Water Contamination by Coke in Kerala----No Water? Drink Coke! ----Three years ago, the little patch of land in the green, picturesque rolling hills of Palakkad in the Indian state of Kerala yielded 50 sacks of rice and 1,500 coconuts a year. It provided work for dozens of labourers. Then Coca-Cola arrived and built a 40-acre bottling plant next door.


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