Jan 13, 2005

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Greek columns ---The Greek Orders: Doric, Ionic, Corinthian-----The Greeks borrowed the column from the Egyptians and synthesized it into an architectural style that was characteristically their own--I like Ionic columns, with their feminine proportions and their scroll finials. Doric colums, without bases, are for uncultured Spartans and are fit only for bad Roman imitation. And Corinthian – don't get me started!--- Neoclassic Ionic Column Shaped Decorative Pillows----Corinthian Column 11 Feet Tall & Ionic Column 10 Feet Tall----Ionic Column 12-inch Raised Feeder----ionic column---When Frida's health worsened in 1944, she painted "The Broken Column." Her expression is calm and tense and there are nails going through her body, which is held together by a steel corset. Instead of a spinal column, a cracked ionic column supports her----A Post-modern Ionic column made of molded polyurethane design. Studio 65, Italian.----Column with Plums: Enlargement----SPIRAL, Fragment of Ionic style column. Roman.---Base for dinner table (ionic Capitello, column and worked base) leccese stone and carparo--- ionic bracelet---ionic tie---the spirals on the Ionic column capitals of ancient Greek temples were laid out by the so-called "whirling rectangle" method for creation of a logarithmic spiral...No "sacred meaning" for the log spiral form of the Ionic column capital has been determined from Greek writings, but the use of other log spirals in Greek temple architecture (for instance in floor-block proportions and their placement in relation to overall floor area) indicates that Greek architects, unlike the Romans who came after them, deliberately constructed their temples according to "whirling rectangle" geometeric ratios----Proportioning Systems-----Sacred Geometry is a term that is used by archaeologists, anthropologists, and geometricians. It includes the religious, philosohical, and spiritual beliefs that have surrounded geometry in many various cultures throughout history. It covers Pythagorean geometry as well as the relationships between organic curves and logarithmic curves.

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