Feb 1, 2005

Forms of observation. Posted by Hello
Unobtrusive or obtrusive?
I live in a very sNOTty part of Rome and when I walk down the street in my paint smattered clothes, over-bleached women with neurotic dogs stare at me. So I stare back and my stares make them look away.

There are two observation methods for usability testing. "Unobtrusive observation" means you observe what test users do and refrain from interacting with them. With unobtrusive observation you learn whether the system is easy to use. "Obtrusive observation" means you interact with test users, e.g. by asking questions. With obtrusive observation you learn more about the usefulness and acceptance of the system. Besides explaining these observation methods, this article provides practical observation tips for each method. -----This is called observation----

VERB: 1. To mark (a day or an event) with ceremonies of respect, festivity, or rejoicing:
celebrate, commemorate, keep, solemnize. See REMEMBER. 2. To state facts, opinions, or explanations: comment, note, remark. See WORDS. 3. To act in conformity with: abide by, adhere, carry out, comply, conform, follow, keep, mind, obey. Idioms: toe the line (or mark) . See ACCEPT, SAME. 4. To perceive with a special effort of the senses or the mind: descry, detect, discern, distinguish, mark, mind, note, notice, remark, see. See KNOWLEDGE, SEE. 5. To look at or on attentively or carefully: eye, regard, scrutinize, survey, watch. Idioms: have one's (or keep an) eye on, keep tabs on. See AWARENESS, SEE.


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