Apr 7, 2005

The Pope’s Shoes.

As we all know, the Pope has died. And he died during the voting weekend. The Left won and the Right claimed that it was because, while the Right was mourning the Pope, the Left went to vote.
The day after his death, Paolo Giovanni II, was carried across Piazza San Pietro. Lying down with his hat and staff like a colored version of those marble reclining effigies you often see in Catholic cathedrals. Slight polemics were made about his shoes….one journalist said they looked like those of a manual labourer while another said they were delicate moccasini.
Rome is totally blocked. Four million “pelligrini” have arrived in Rome, half of which are from Poland. On the news, we who live in Rome are asked to open our homes to these pilgrims because, we’re told, they need a place to stay. And the Vatican area is a carpet of people. Many have spent more than 14 hours just to briefly see the body of the dead Pope.

Tomorrow there will be a total blackout on the use of automobiles. You can travel only via scooter or public transportation. And even the Civil Protection is sending out SMS messages warning people that the day is hot and the night is cold so they should be adequately dressed to wait in line. In the meantime, bars and coffee shops and pizzerias have tripled their prices and a small bottle of water costs E4.

Death is not always a religious experience.

Soil and shoes, a parting gift for the Pope----His pastoral staff was tucked under his left arm. His feet were clad in soft brown leather shoes — the same kind of shoes he almost always wore even in major ceremonies---police turn away tide of humanity at Vatican---As he entered the mosque the Pope's shoes were removed and he put on white slippers-----THE SARCOPHAGUS OF THE NIOBIDES-------the floor decorated with marble tarsias, in the Siena Cathedral----The Gottschall Site--------


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