Apr 28, 2005

stockings in the freezer

Will a molecular modification help you wear those hose longer?

One Housewife Legend claims that putting your stockings in the freezer will keep them from running.
Polymers are very large molecules that are composed of many smaller subunits, called monomers, connected together by various types of chemical bonds--A street in Muenster, where several Medical Institutes are located, had been named after Wilhelm Waldeyer (1936-1921), an anatomist, native to the area, who taught in Strasbourg (Alsace) and at the Charité in Berlin. Interestingly, in 1888 and 1891, Waldeyer coined the terms chromosome and neuron---Plastic is an all-around product. Plastic can be flexible or rigid; transparent or opaque. It can look like leather, wood, or silk. It can be made into toys or heart valves. Plastics today play an important part in cutting-edge technologies such as the space program, bullet-proof vests and prosthetic limbs, as well as in everyday products such as beverage containers, medical devices and automobiles. Altogether there are more than 10,000 different kinds of plastics. See a short list at the end--- When frozen, her enzymes slowed down---- RE: Keeping Pantyhose From Running--As the premiere synthetic stretch fabric, lycra spandex is the trade name for DuPont's version of the long-chain polymeric fiber. Invented at DuPont by American scientist Joseph C. Shivers in 1959, spandex sprang on the market as a replacement for rubber (latex) in women's foundation garments---Cell Walls, Penecillin, and Panty Hose?--Plastics are polymers. What is a polymer? The simplest definition of a polymer is something made of many units. Think of a polymer as a chain. Each link of the chain is the "mer" or basic unit that is made of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and/or silicon. To make the chain, many links or "mers" are hooked or polymerized together. Polymerization can be demonstrated by linking strips of construction paper together to make paper garlands or hooking together hundreds of paper clips to form chains--pantyhose are not recommended due to their melting hazard----Polymers can be very resistant to chemicals. Consider all the cleaning fluids in your home that are packaged in plastic--Think of how spaghetti noodles look on a plate. This is similar to how polymers can be arranged if they lack a specific form or are amorphous---Using knee-high hose, place some grass seeds in the toe where you want the grass to grow -
---The Great Chain of Being: A Study of the History of an Idea book via Pharyngula---- vintage pantyhose-----pantyhose gif----pantyhose golf----
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Is the quantum Mechanisms Involved in the Formation of Consciousness? ---Bohr was largely affected by the philosophy of Quick Facts about: Søren KierkegaardQuick Summary not found for this subjectSøren Kierkegaard of sharp sudden "quality" changes and rejection of the continuous changing. These concepts were manifested in Bohr's quantum theory.Bohr also conceived the principle of Quick Facts about: complementarityThe interrelation of reciprocity whereby one thing supplements or depends on the other complementarity: that items could be separately analyzed as having several contradictory properties---interrelation of reciprocità
the interplay of consciousness and the physical world----Archetypes, Mandalas, and Muses----energy transfer between particles is a major obstacle in understanding physics, matter, and the Universe----


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