May 18, 2005

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Women, Prometheus, and the Bible ------Pandora was created as the revenge of Zeus for the theft of fire by Prometheus----Prometheus cared more for man than for the wrath of the increasingly powerful and autocratic Zeus, so he stole fire from Zeus' lightning, concealed it in a hollow stalk of fennel, and brought it to man----Prometheus is famous for a couple of seemingly unrelated stories: the gift of fire to mankind and the chaining to a rock where an eagle daily ate his liver......Zeus reacted to these tricks by presenting to man a "gift," Pandora, the first woman---The Legend of Prometheus and Pandora's Box
draw: she opened his box
other: mona lisa riddle----Did Leonardo know Mona Lisa?-----. . . N A S O S O V . . . A(r)T----circlemakers, Images of the otherworld and the supernatural are legion in art history. The secular 20th century has also produced an abundance of artists whose work draws upon occult ideas or the paranormal.----TENbyTEN-----Kami Paints the Tokion Storefront-----aaron leighton illustration----


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