Jun 30, 2005

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things to research: IONIZATION----orthomolecular architecture (orthomolecular medicine (orthomolecular nutritional medicine, orthomolecular therapy): Approach to therapy whose centerpiece is megavitamin therapy. Orthomolecular medicine encompasses hair analysis, orthomolecular nutrition (a form of megavitamin therapy), and orthomolecular psychiatry. Linus Carl Pauling, Ph.D. (1901-1994), coined the word "orthomolecular." The prefix "ortho-" means "straight," and the implicit meaning of "orthomolecular" is "to straighten (correct) concentrations of specific molecules." The primary principle of orthomolecular medicine is that nutrition is the foremost consideration in diagnosis and treatment. Its purported focus is "normalizing" the "balance" of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and "similar" substances in the body.)---Negative Ions and Consciousness--I LIVED IN THE WOODS--KHOLODKOVSHY AND THE AIR AS VITAMIN-----the Les Landes pine and its antioxidant effects---wiley brooks, breathairian and air as a source of minerals---antioxidants protect molecules from free radicals and the havoc they create for our chemistry---alpha beta border.....What is the function of the various brainwaves?--Brain and Sound Frequencies ---phytotherapy/climate therapy links---ionized water that's charged with negative ions--Ions and trace amounts of ozone have been found to be the two missing ingredients of typical indoor air. This article traces the history of ion and ozone research, including medical findings. Modern home and office buildings are often airtight with windows that do not open. As indoor pollutants build up, sick building syndrome is on the rise. A few parts per billion of ozone, along with a healthy dose of negative ions, sanitizes, deodorizes, and revitalizes the air -----THE ION EFFECT by fred soyka------the difference pre-flood and post-flood man, The OldTestament is divided into two basic parts: pre-flood and post-flood. ........Plausibility of Preflood Traditions Entering into Postflood MythologiesHuman tradition did not simply begin after the flood. At least 2,000 years of human existence preceded this catastrophe. Every person entering the ark carried a hundred years, or more, of preflood memories. Their world view was shaped by personalities, cultural traditions and ideas from antediluvian times. Scripture mentions little of even their family background. Nothing is mentioned of Noah's mother, or any of his uncles or aunts. Unless we accept the Jewish legend that he married Naamah, from the line of Cain, we know nothing of his wife or her family. The wives of Noah's three sons are not even recorded, except to say that they did have wives. It would seem that all manner of cultural perspectives, historical memories and ideologies that are not recorded in Scripture could have passed into postflood times----Geologic evidence of the Middle East and the globe, combined with Scripture, indicates that the Flood/post-Flood boundary is very late in the Cainozoic----The Bible and the Postflood Origins of Greek History---Very little is known about the people who lived before the Great Flood. Genesis chapters 2 through 7 provide a synopsis of that age. Ancient Jewish writings provide more possible detail. However, no archeological discoveries have been made which would reveal additional information about this lost society. Therefore, scripture is all we have to rely on. Of the many issues concerning the flood, a common question that has often been asked is: "What was the world population when the flood occurred?" Most people have been taught that the population might have been in the tens of millions or perhaps in the hundreds of millions. Using an electronic spreadsheet, an analysis was made of the effects of population size using the numerical values provided in the book of Genesis for age of childbirth, number of children per family and life-spans----“Since the molecular structure of water is the essence of all life, the man who can control that structure in cellular systems will change the world.” - Albert Szent-Gyorgi (1893-1986), Nobel Prize in Chemistry----Frequently Asked Questions about Ionized Water


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