Jul 20, 2005

Homemade waterfall. Posted by Picasa
Breaking water creates negative ions. so your shower is a natural ionizer.
Ion shower apparatusUnited States Patent 4450031---One of my favourite children's authors, Robert Munsch, once said (and I'm taking liberties paraphrasing) "The best ideas come in the shower, when the shower ions are hitting your head and stimulating those brain cells" --Negative Ions Create Positive Vibes--Generating the Shower of Positive and Negative Ions--Nature's "life enhancing particles", negative ions, are molecules with an extra electron, discovered in 1899 by two scientists named Elster and Geitel. Mice live longer in certain cases when exposed to negative ions. They have been linked to killing germs, and preventing infections---Therefore the surroundings of a water-fall, fountains, showers and the breaking surf of sea spray have a much more stimulating effect on the body and mind---Negative Ions---stock markets statistically tend to go up on clear sunny days and go down on cloudy (rainy) days, Ions now confirmed as the main source of Market Direction----Our body systems will not adequately function without negative ions. Negative ions promote healing and good health to the total body and are utilized by all body systems.


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