Jul 19, 2005

Transcendental. Posted by Picasa

reluctant painter weblog---Universal Ecologist to the Rescue!---Augustine's Blog---Beverley Ashe paints with a fever of dream and flash, like capturing the fast brightness of a lightning bug out of the corner of your eye----Doodles---The Doodles of Marty Rosenberg! --MOIRA FAIN AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL COLLAGES----Images and Ideas for a Creative World----Marylou Reifsnyder's lifetime body of art, poetry and literature. The images archived here span nearly her entire life from 1925 until her death in 1990---marcel van eeden weblog---matthew k manning comics--matt madden illustration---Multi-layered black and white photograph----the forgotten museum of henry wellcome---michael jardeen art---museum factory-


Blogger Cin said...

always enjoy visiting here and seeing your work, (especially liked "she tries sniffing the sea")

and had fun going through the links, thanks !

6:40 AM  

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