Aug 1, 2005

Contact with the wrong apples can be dangerous. Posted by Picasa
Dissemination: BEYOND THE HIGHER STATES OF CONSCIOUSNESS--- CONSCIOUSNESS: ITS PLACE IN CONTEMPORARY SCIENCE---The relation of consciousness to the material world ---The impact of quantum theoretical models of consciousness on the study of education--CSDC analyses the incongruencies of the materialistic conception of the mind and man, on the basis of our scientific knowledges about brain and matter. This analysis points out how our present scientific knowledges, contrary to a very common opinion, exclude that the brain can generate consciousness, which existence implies the presence in man of a unbiological/unmaterial entity. The problem of consciousness is then strictly connected to the one of the existence of the soul----apple diseases---- Consciousness: The Symptom of the Soul How it Interacts With but is Separate from the Body----


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