Sep 19, 2005

Pursuits. Posted by Picasa
We asked three award-winning documentary photographers to capture the contemporary meanings of Thomas Jefferson’s mysterious phrase “the pursuit of happiness.” ----The "pursuit of happiness" is one of the "unalienable rights" of people enumerated in the Declaration of Independence, along with "life" and "liberty."----It's a small phrase when you think about it: "the pursuit of happiness." It's somewhat over-shadowed in the Declaration of Independence by the weightier notions of "life" and "liberty." In today's mass culture, it even comes close to being banal. Who, after all, doesn't want to pursue happiness? ----After all, doesn’t the Declaration of Independence call the “pursuit of happiness” an “inalienable right” on par with life and liberty? Yes, it does. However, the right to pursue happiness isn’t the same thing as the right to be happy. What’s more, what Jefferson and company meant by “happiness” differs from our understanding of the word.----The word "happiness" has no precise equivalent in some languages. Even in English it means different things to different people - Veenhoven has recorded 15 separate academic definitions.

mORNING WALKS: The Human Paintbrush VIA geisha----Painting the Weather. The weather in art and Cut & Paste: A History of Photomontage. via plep----Spectacular Mammatus Clouds over Hastings, Nebraska and Queer Archaeology and Anthropology both via Spitting Image -------Resistance Art is a Palestinian initiative to celebrate the diversity and richness of Palestinian art and culture. As John Lennon said, "Living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstanding is all you see." It takes courage to face life with eyes open. ---even dogs -----Killer jellyfish scared of red via Daily Vexation---- :: Chance is a mindless science via riley dog-----BELIEVE IT OR NOT, ANOTHER GOD INTERVIEW HAS APPEARED---structure of an amoeba---Kew's website is now hosting highlights from a collection of plants used to produce medicines, built up since 1842 by the Royal Pharmaceutical Societ via ramage


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