Oct 24, 2005

Be global....think with your hands. Dancing Hand Meditation----Sometimes the fastest way to speed things up is to slow down. Try this slow-motion hand meditation to clear your mind------Buddhist Hand Gestures---USED TEABAG, a plastic milk bottle and an empty sardine tin. These may seem strange and unexpected muses for artists, and yet, it is precisely these common, everyday objects which are inspiring a group of designers and makers in Britain today. Hailed in the mid-1990s as the 'New Alchemists', these makers and designers are metaphorically turning rubbish into gold through their imagination, resourcefulness and fresh approach to design and contemporary craft----Craft is about humanity s creative relationship with materials - how we think, feel, look at and use all the diverse natural and synthetic materials available to us.-----recycled radios-----Have you ever wanted to ride an Electrolux motorcycle? Or wear a dress made out of bicycle tires? Or make music with a bandsaw? Discover how east coast artists are crafting everyday trash into extraordinary art in the Fuller Craft Museum exhibition Trashformations East----Intricately stitched works of memory and meaning, Donna Rhae Marder's works are a breathtaking exploration of sensitivity and hand work-- lick global warming--global warming----Environmental pollution with metals and xenobiotics is a global problem, and the development of phytoremediation technologies for the plant-based clean-up of contaminated soils is therefore of significant interest. Phytoremediation ---------tree hugger....WalMart is beginning to switch from petroleum-based to corn-based plastic packaging. ....-----Bonnie Meltzer recycles-----design boom-----moco loco---
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