Oct 29, 2005

Let's make some wrinkles together...... Posted by Picasa the soul of hope--- --hartjesbril via Happy Famous Artists, Bad Art for Bad People weblog------Graffiti Brasil is the result of collaboration across three continents via gmtPlus9-----Processed reflections from the cornea can make hindsight a reality----wrinkles---- wrinkles---- wrinkles---- wrinkles---- wrinkles---- wrinkles---- wrinkles----Life Lines: Homages to Wrinkles ,Being in my mid-fifties, I am very curious of the "cult of the young" and what is considered beautiful in our culture. I decided to do a series that honored aging and the powerful beauty a mature women has. The images are drawn from photographs of women with amazing faces----- extreme visual journaling --haberdashery----Artist in the Atelier : Jeanne Germani ----


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