Oct 8, 2005

So many changes within a short period of time........my computer died so I have a new one and we're still getting aquainted........CHANGE BEGINS IN THE MIND........... Women Strike for Peace (WSP) evolved out of an international protest against atmospheric nuclear testing held on November 1, 1961. On that day between 12,000 and 50,000 women in various nations demonstrated to protest nuclear testing and to voice concern, in particular, about the hazards posed by such testing to children's health.---EARTH FIRST----reclaim the streets.net provides links to street-reclaiming direct action around the world---Le tre novità dello zapatismo---The Zapatista National Liberation Army (EZLN) stands against the 70 year, one-party rule of the PRI oe the ruling party of Mexico. But they especially take issue against the oppression that this reign has wrought on the people of Mexico--Zapatismo as cultural and political practice----Subcommander (or Subcommandante) Marcos is the high-profile, pipe-smoking masked leader of Mexico's Zapatista National Liberation Army (EZLN). In 1994 he and the self-named Zapatistas (the name pays tribute to revolutionary hero Emiliano Zapata) led a rebellion in the Mexican state of Chiapas, fighting for the rights of indigenous populations and opposing the global economic policies of the ruling Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI).---Writings of Subcommander Marcos of the EZLN---The Inuit people of Canada and Alaska are launching a human rights case against the Bush administration claiming they face extinction because of global warming.----Acqua, aria, energia, territorio, ambiente sono beni comuni, non possono divenire merci al servizio dei profitti delle multinazionali, come vuole fare la direttiva Bolkenstein. Contro la direttiva, i movimenti sociali hanno promosso una mobilitazone europea. Manifestazione a Roma, sabato 15 ottobre. ---ZNet is a huge website updated daily to convey information and provide community. About 300,000 people a week use ZNet's articles, watch areas and sub-sites, translations, archives, links to other progressive sites, daily commentary program, and more.---People Before Profit: The New Globalization in an Age of Terror, Big Money, and Economic Crisis --President of the Czech Republic, prominent playwright and poet, one of the leading intellectual figures and moral forces in Eastern Europe. Vaclav Havel's role as a public figure has now somewhat overshadowed his record as a dramatist and political essayist. His works often deal with the power of language to interfere with clear thought. -Books by Vaclav Havel--- Posted by Picasa


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