Oct 19, 2005

Time to slow down.....The last few months have been a bit of a blur. In Praise of Slow seemed to touch a nerve around the world. Since it came out in spring 2004, my life has turned into a whirlwind of interviews, lectures and international tours. I dash around telling everyone how wonderful it is to slow down. ---British heir to the throne Prince Charles recently spoke out about the need for us all to slow down. Everything is just getting faster and faster he told a BBC interviewer. ----Whether standing at a BBQ, kneeling on a tatami mat or seated at an elegant restaurant, eating is fundamental to living. Elevating the quality of our food and taking time to enjoy it is a simple way to infuse our daily lives with joy. This is the philosophy of Slow Food.---In 1986, following the opening of a McDonald’s restaurant on the Piazza di Spagna in Rome, journalist Carlo Petrini launched the Slow Food movement. The primary focus of the movement is on the protection of traditional modes of food production and preparation—small-scale agriculture, heritage foods and regional cooking, along with a return to the ritual of slow, leisurely meals consumed with family and friends.--Eat Up, Nice and Slow. It's Good For You-----Just How Slow Can You Go? "Crafts are a perfect expression of the Slow philosophy," Honoré writes in his book, referring to "the knitting boom sweeping across North America....Hailed by trend spotters as 'the new yoga,' knitting is now officially cool." And, as he points out, it "is by nature Slow". Stringing beads together is a gently meditative act that lets you create something lovely at the end of it. So is knitting a lacy sweater that you watch grow stitch by stitch. ----The Slow City manifesto contains over 50 pledges, such as cutting noise pollution and traffic, increasing green spaces and pedestrian zones, backing farmers who produce local delicacies and the shops and restaurants that sell them, and preserving local aesthetic traditions ---Basquiat: An Artist's Fast Life---Managing Stress in a Fast-Paced World---Slow Lifestyle Manifesto-----


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