Nov 9, 2005

container garden Posted by Picasa --Odd things from Japan weblog---A Heavenly Craft: The Woodcut in Early Printed Books via plep as well as Vodou is Haiti's mirror. Its arts and rituals reflect the difficult, brilliant history of seven million people, whose ancestors were brought from Africa to the Caribbean in bondage. In 1791 these Africans began the only successful national slave revolt in history. In 1804 they succeeded in creating the world's first Black republic: the only one in this hemisphere where all the citizens were free -----P O L A R O I D P H O T O G R A P H Y C O L L E C T I V E via gmt plus 9 as well as Neil Farber artist----sergio mora illustration----altered books books---art biz coach----Mathematical patterns in African-American hairstyles --------REBLOG ART & TECHNOLOGY----Frieze magazine is Europe's leading magazine of contemporary art and culture----goddelijke gladiolen-----MARIJUANA INGREDIENT MAY STALL DECLINE FROM ALZHEIMER'S ----stolenart is an online data exchange for art theft. Professionals consult this website to ensure that the pieces are not stolen and owners use it to register their own pieces after a theft---digital art-----A Painting a Day ----dottie chase, american folk artist----the painted salt box---immaculate baking folk art----Ed Larson is a multi-media folk artist who paints, carves and designs quilts based on historical and autobiographical themes.----"Controlling Creative Clutter: Organizing the Artist's Studio"---"The Experienced Traveler" I used a real vintage photo for this traveling inspired collage.----folk art chicken chef----Washington, DC artist Bill Miller creates textured panoramas, interior scenes, and delicate portraits from reclaimed vintage linoleum and vinyl flooring. Creating an effect that lies somewhere between collage and stained glass, Bill's innovative use of the linoleum's pattern and color is his signature style.


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