Nov 25, 2005

Critical Mass. Posted by Picasa Critical Mass is an event held typically on the last Friday of every month in cities around the world, where bicyclists, skateboarders, roller bladers, roller skaters and other self-propelled people take to the streets en masse...The purpose of Critical Mass is controversial and oft-maligned by its critics. This is mostly due to its Anarchistic origins and structure. The purpose of Critical Mass is not formalised beyond the Direct Action of meeting and carrying out the event, creating a public space where automobiles are displaced to make room for alternatives. The one agreed upon slogan is We Are Traffic----From the way we drive to how we vote, physicists reckon they can forecast human behaviour. Philip Ball explains the so-called 'physics of society' ----What do Microwaves do to Water?---Physics helps predict the environmental impacts of river development ------collective atom is like a compass that can go in the direction it wants but the magnetic forces constrict them to align with others-------Ants , learning from the collective ---My recent papers (mainly on Collective Behaviour) can be downloaded by clicking-------
Attraction and Repulsion By Magnet Poles Magnets are surrounded by magnetic fields. A magnetic field can be thought of as consisting of lines of force. The forces of magnetic attraction and repulsion move along the lines of force----physics in everyday life----the fear of physics---She snatches numbers from her brain in the same way as a magician pulls a rabbit out of a hat. By her own admission, ``Numbers have made my life beautiful.'' Yet, she has no favourite number. ``Every number is my best friend. In case of favourites, jealousies creep in. I do not want to antagonise any number.'' Her name is Shakuntala Devi, but better known by the epithets she has earned. A human computer, maths wizard, human calculator, a living wonder...----Electric and Magnetic Attraction Differences ---Europe’s magnetic attraction----An Air of Attraction,
"What really gets me fluttery," says Yvonne, a 25 year-old musician, "is eye contact. When a man can hold my gaze in a way that is self-assured and alert, and not fawning, I am immediately interested.

Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else. Margaret Mead


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