Nov 20, 2005

Monotonous. Posted by Picasa In computer science and mathematics, a variable is a symbol denoting a quantity or symbolic representation. In mathematics, a variable often represents an unknown quantity; in computer science, it represents a place where a quantity can be stored.

Variables are often contrasted with constants, which are known and unchanging.

In other scientific fields such as
biology, chemistry, and physics, the word variable is used to refer to a measurable factor, characteristic, or attribute of an individual or a system. In a scientific experiment, so called "independent variables" are factors that can be altered or chosen by the scientist. For example, temperature is a common environmental factor that can be controlled in laboratory experiments. "Dependent variables" or "response variables" are those that are measured and collected as data. An independent variable is presumed to affect a dependent one. In social sciences, variable is a logical set of attributes. A variable such as "gender" would have two attributes: male and female. other: weblog---gordon wiebe illustration----chisenhale art gallery----This website is documenting & analyzing my research in the field of contemporary visual arts. Kristofer Paetau-----KZNSA contemporary visual culture----


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