Nov 9, 2005

points of view..... Posted by PicasaPresident George W. Bush and the current Administration have now borrowed more money from foreign governments and banks than the previous 42 U.S. presidents combined-----Phosphorus, (from the Greek language phôs meaning "light", and phoros meaning "bearer"), is the chemical element in the periodic table that has the symbol P and atomic number 15---Health effects of phosphorus ---- L'esercito degli Stati Uniti ha usato il fosforo bianco durante l'attacco a Fallujah del novembre del 2004. L'agente chimico, contrariamente a quanto affermato dal Dipartimento di Stato in una nota del 9 dicembre 2004, non e' stato usato, secondo gli usi consentiti,per illuminare le postazioni nemiche, ma e' stato usato indiscriminatamente sui quartieri della citta'--Fallujah: Napalm By Any Other Name --The US Use of White Phosphorus Shells in Fallujah: Revisited----U.S. Used Chemical Weapons In Iraq---White Phosphorus sticks to the skin, and burns the victims' flesh away to the bones. It's banned under the Geneva Convention. US forces have used White Phosphorus and Napalm, another weapon banned under the Geneva Convention, in the recent action against Fallujah. ---"Six degrees of smoking" is a global artistic collaboration which consists in distributing free lighters to those who wish to be involved. The recipient then photographs themselves smoking a cigarette and submits it via MMS or email. He then passes the lighter on to a fellow smoker (either a friend or a stranger) and the process is repeated. Each lighter is numbered and so they can be tracked on their travels via computer scientists at Columbia University's Vision and Graphics Center have come up with a clever new advance with an array of interesting (and slightly unsettling) possible applications. It's a corneal imaging system capable of determining what an individual is looking at, and capable of capturing a wide-angle view of the person's surroundings via the reflection in the tear fluid on his cornea. It is even capable of reconstructing the whole view before a person, so it would be possible to play it back and see what that person missed, but could have seen if he had shifted his focus within his range of sight, as the reflection on an eye is of course much more than just what the person was looking at directly, and even more than what actually reaches the retina and is seen.----chinese comics----THE INSTITUTE FORRESEARCHWITHIN INTERNATIONALCONTEMPORARY ART ----sTIG illustrtations----


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