Feb 14, 2006

rECLINE. paul fortin canadian artist----polaroids from the road----revelation art----protest.net----PETER REGINATO ABSTRACT SCULPTURE---moad, the museum of african diaspora----Art is a study of reality. As individuals or as a collective, artists search for alternative solutions and other truths. A free society therefore needs this cultural innovation. Artistic expression is a way of grasping a situation, for example for working through war traumas. The artists of Nucleo del arte in Mozambique, for example, make sculptures of weapons. Art also reflects reality. Art is often an open platform for freedom of speech, even in societies where that freedom is restricted. This makes art an effective tool for exposing social issues. One place where this is done is Bottleboy Dakar: with works of art made from recycled plastic bottles, Senegal artists demand attention for the environment. -----THROUGHOUT history and across cultures, the arts of homo sapiens have demonstrated universal features. These aesthetic inclinations and patterns have evolved as part of our hardwired psychological nature, ingrained in the human species over the 80,000 generations lived out by our ancestors in the 1.6 million years of the Pleistocene. Posted by Picasa


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