Feb 6, 2006

Ways of winning.
Like the tortoise and the hare, see Steven Bradbury's technique on how to win a gold medal:...at the Salt Lake City 2002 Winter Olympic Games, Bradbury thought himself eliminated in the quarterfinals. He finished third, but Marc Gagnon was disqualified. Well off the pace of the medal favourites, Bradbury was positioned at the rear in his 1000 m semifinal, only to see his competitors crash into each other, allowing him through to the final. Again well off the pace in the final, all four other competitors crashed out at the final corner, leaving a shocked Bradbury to take the gold medal, the first for Australia or any Southern Hemisphere country in an Olympic Winter Games event----Steven Bradbury: life after Olympic gold----The Australian looked as though he would have no chance of a medal as the other four skaters in the final battled for the places. But all four came tumbling down when Ohno appeared to get barged by China's Li Jiajun going into the final bend. --- Posted by Picasa


Anonymous Jana said...

I just wanted to say, I think your drawns are fantastic.

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