Feb 19, 2006

Zydeco: Amazon free downloads: "Je L'ai Rencontree"----"Quelle Etoille" ----
"Oh Tite Fille" -----"Hack A 'Tit Moreau" ----"Chers Amis" ---"The Woman I Never Forgot" ----"Balfa Waltz" --"Je Va's Jamais La Voir Encore" --"Cajun Saturday Night" ---"Hommage Aux R├ęcolteurs" ---"J\'ai Vu Le Loup, Le Renard et La Belette"--"Johnnie Billy Goat" --"Au Bout Du Chemin" --"Le Two-Step A Pop" ---"Madelaine"--"Untitled Dance Tune" ---"Le Two Step Des Festivals Acadiens"---"Old Time Two Step" ---- other: Cajun/Zydeco music....Online Cajun/Zydeco Dance Instruction links-----There is a network a diligent Cajun Zydeco Music and Dance personalities and organizations around the world that contribute to the promotion of Cajun and Zydeco music and dance by maintaining WEB sites for local, regional and extended information----Zydeco dancing in London--How to Dance to Zydeco Music ---About Cajun/Zydeco Dance--- How to Dance to Cajun Music--- Posted by Picasa


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