Mar 2, 2006

The recent religious persecution in Nigeria promoted Pope Ratzinger to say that there was a need for reciprocity. And since then, the word itself has become the most trendy in terms of newspaper and TV journalism. Yes, everyone in Italy is now using it. Like salt & pepper.
links:Denouncing the actions of “those who deliberately take advantage of the offence to religious feeling to foment violence”, Benedict XVI said that “for the faithful as well as for all people of goodwill, the only path that leads to peace and brotherhood is that of respect for other people’s convictions and religious practices, in order to ensure that all societies ensure the free exercise of religion”. This respect had to be accorded, the Pope said, “in a reciprocal way”. ---Reciprocity----Theory of Reciprocity----Ethics of Reciprocity--- Islam: Sodano, serve reciprocita'---
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