Mar 14, 2006

Sex & Sentiment. The hypothalamus is our sexual center. Positioned in the middle of the brain, it's about the size of a cherry. The male's cherry is bigger than the female's. And, being bigger, so is it's space for desire. That's why men are mentally capable of having sex anywhere, with anyone, at any time. Their desire is generalized whereas women are more selective leaving space for sentiment, too. The female hypothalamus is an alcove. The male hypothalamus is an arena....The hypothalamus (from Greek under the thalamus)---The Role of the Hypothalamus---Sex is not the only aspect of life governed by the hypothalamus. The structure, located at the center of the brain, accounts for just 5 percent of brain mass, yet controls life-and-death matters such as appetite, wakefulness, body temperature, and fear responses, in addition to the sex drive. Posted by Picasa


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