Jan 3, 2007

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Magda: Like Jesus, Mary Magdalene is now the subject of a cultural makeover. What agenda do feminist scholars have in mind?-more----Mary Magdalene----Mary Magdalene
Apostle and Friend of Jesus-----In this gnostic gospel, Mary Magdalene appears as a disciple, singled out by Jesus for special teachings---Mary Magdalene Saint or Sinner? A new wave of literature is cleaning up her reputation. How a woman of substance was "harlotized"-----Were Jesus and Mary Magdalene lovers?----Mary Magdalene, which probably means "Mary of Magdala", a town on the western shore of the Lake of Tiberias, is described in the New Testament as a follower of Jesus both in the canon and in the apocrypha. Nothing is known about her outside of Scripture. Her feast day is July 22. ----Jesus & Mary Magdalene: The Sacred Marriage in Gnosticism---Mary Magdalene: Author of the Fourth Gospel? -----

AGRICULTURAL FERTILITY AND THE SACRED MARRIAGE----The Hieros Gamos Part 1----Chapter 12. The Sacred Marriage----PART III THE SACRED MARRIAGE---La ierogamia (dal greco ?????????, "matrimonio sacro") è un rito che simboleggia l'accoppiamento tra un dio e un uomo o una donna. Solitamente celebrato in primavera, è un antico rituale in cui i participanti ritenevano di poter ottenere una profonda esperienza religiosa tramite rapporti sessuali. I partecipanti assumevano le caratteristiche delle divinità, spesso fungendo da tramite per la divinità in questione. Con la loro unione garantivano fertilità a loro stessi, alla terra ed al popolo. Il rito era spesso praticato dal monarca e dalla personalità che guidava la religione dominante.-----Hieros gamos-----hieros gamos, Greek: “sacred marriage”), sexual relations of fertility deities in myths and rituals, characteristic of societies based on cereal agriculture, especially in the Middle East. At least once a year, divine persons (e.g., humans representing the deities) engage in sexual intercourse, which guarantees the fertility of the land, the prosperity of the community, and the continuation---The Tree and The Serpent: hieros gamos of the Self----The Hierosgamos Theme in the Images of the Rosarium Philosophorum----The Song of Songs as a Mandala of Love-----song of songs----Sexuality and the Magdalene Legacy---

jesus and buddha: Welcome to the first and only website devoted to the original Buddhist sources
of the New Testament Gospels-----Buddha and Christ----Christianity emphasizes the need to obtain a future salvation through faith, and demonstration of the power of that faith in miracles. Buddhism emphasizes the desirability of achieving salvation in this life, as a path to Nirvana, through enlightenment. ----Jesus - By No Means Unique---JESUS, BUDDHA & KRISHNA ARE ONE!----Jesus as a Reincarnation of Buddha----Jesus and Buddha as Brothers----Jesus, Zoraster, Buddha, Socrates & Muhammad: The Life, Death and Teaching of Jesus Compared with Other Great Religious Figures-----Zorastrianism is an ancient religion. The Founder of Zorastrianism was the Persian Prophet Zorathustra, meaning "He of the golden light". The Greek form "Zoraster" (1200 B.C.) also knows him. Zoraster's people inhabited strips of Central Asia before moving to Persia - now Iran.-----Zoroastrianism was founded by the Persian philosopher and prophet Zarathustra (also known as Zoraster) and operates on the belief that there are two equal and opposite powers at work in the universe (good and evil). Zoroastrians believe that the conflict between these two powers will always ultimately affect mankind. According to the Zoroastrian faith there are two deities or gods that are perpetually at war with each other Ahura Mazda (also known as Ohrmazd or Ohrmuzd) the good God and Ahriman the evil God.----Jesus and Buddha: The Parallel Sayings book----jesus and buddha:two masters or one?---JESUS: Buddha, Jesus, Apollonius---Jesus of Nazareth - Buddha (The Victors) - Parsifal----Dr. Lindtner reveals how the Jesus gospels are essentially pirate copies of older Buddhist texts----What do Krishna, Buddha and Christ have in common?----Jesus, Buddha, and Gödel: Unraveling the Matrix Mythos----The Brain Chemistry of the Buddha----Life and death necessitate each other. We live in a dualistic world with dualism being the basis of philosophy and religion. The bible is the original source about the creation of dualism, with the story of Adam and Eve distinguishing between good and bad.----

THE GNOSIS ARCHIVE----The word gnosis (from the Greek word for knowledge, ??????) refers to a form of spiritual knowledge that is more commonly familiar to people as enlightenment. ------gnosis magazine----

Syncretism is the attempt to reconcile disparate, even opposing, beliefs and to meld practices of various schools of thought. It is especially associated with the attempt to merge and analogize several originally discrete traditions, especially in the theology and mythology of religion, and thus assert an underlying unity.----

The Essenes (sg. Essene, IPA: [??sin] meaning Jessites i.e. members of the House of Jesse) were followers of a religious way of living in Judaism that flourished from the 2nd century BC to the 1st century AD. Many scholars today argue that there were a number of separate but related groups that had in common mystic, eschatological, messianic, and ascetic beliefs that were referred to as the "Essenes". ----The Nazarenes of Mount Carmel is an esoteric spiritual Order which fully embraces the deeper levels of the ancient Nazorean 'Way' of Jesus the Christ. We are a modern resurrection of the ancient Nazorean Christians----About the Essenes---~ The Nazarene Way ~The Esoteric Teachings of Jesus and the Nazarene Essenes-----

Tamar was born to Jesus and Mary Magdalene in September 33 AD. ----

Do These Internal Energy Centers Called “Chakras” Really Exist? ----The Anahata Chakra----Edgar Cayce on the Book of Revelation---Kundalini Yoga Helps Balance Your Chakras & Promotes Wellness---Jesus Walked on the Water---'Let thine eye be single, and thy body shall be full of light' MANY people interpret this saying of Jesus as a reference to the Brow Chakra above the centre of the eyebrows. Chinese meditation practices, and some Indian methods advise the pupil to concentrate attention on their brow Lotus, and- eventually it will seem as if they are suffused with light and bliss.-----THE SEVEN PSYCHIC CIRCLES--
Chakras & Vortexes of Mother Earth-----vortexes and earth's energy...Ancient people knew that wherever the earth's energy gathered into a vortex was a sacred place. These strongly charged areas of the globe have also been the places where people have chosen to build churches, temples and other centers of spirit and learning. Places like Stonehenge, the Pyramids of Egypt, Easter Island, and so on are well known as vortex spots. There are three main types of vortexes - all three are replenishing and supercharged with high quality energy.The three vortex types are: Electric - stimulates and energizes, activates
Magnetic - attracts energy to the area Electromagnetic -both activates and attracts energy-----GLOBAL CHAKRA WORKINGS----Earth is the element associated with the first chakra and the mineral kingdom is the top of that hierarchy. Crystals have been prized by humankind for eons and have also been used in esoteric healing. Since it rules our first dimensional self that is unable to reflect upon itself, perceptions from our root chakra are usually unconscious. This first dimensional portion of us can only be aware of a "hive or species consciousness". ----

“A love affair between Nefertiti and Moses.” --THE MYSTERY AND CONTROVERSY OF THE STORY OF MOSES WAS MOSES AKHENATEN? ----The Gospel According to Egypt---THE HIDDEN MOSES---

The Druids were polytheists, but also deified elements of nature[1], such as the sun, the moon, and the stars, looking to them for "signs and seasons". They also venerated other natural elements, such as the oak, certain groves, tops of hills, streams, lakes and even plants, most of all, mistletoe. Fire was regarded as a symbol of several divinities and was associated with the sun and cleansing.----Stonehenge and the Druids---Mary Magdalene---The Church of Mary Magdalene: The Sacred Feminine and the Treasure of Rennes-le-Chateau ----

Over the course of time, these contrived doctrines have had widespread effect. But in the early days it took rather more to cement the ideas because the original women of the Nazarene mission had a significant following in the Celtic Church. These included Mary Magdalene, Martha, Mary-Jacob Cleophas and Helena-Salome, each of whom had run schools and social missions throughout the Mediterranean world. These women had all been disciples of Jesus and close friends of his mother, accompanying her to the Crucifixion, as confirmed in the Gospels---The enigmatic arcanum of Rosslyn Chapel
and the Bride of Christ-----

cathars....The Perfect Heresy: The Revolutionary Life and Spectacular Death of the Medieval Cathars -----

The Satanic Verses is Salman Rushdie's fourth novel, first published in 1988 and inspired in part by the life of Muhammad. The title refers to the Satanic Verses, an attempted interpolation in the Qur'an described by Ibn Ishaq in his biography of Muhammad (the oldest surviving text). The authenticity of these Satanic verses has been disputed by the earliest Muslim historians.[1]----The Satanic Verses in Qur'an----

Celtic Christianity (also known as the Old British Church, Celtic Church, Celtic Catholic Church, Culdee Church) is a controversial term referring to a form of Christianity believed to be significantly differing in its organisation and some beliefs and practices from the Latin (or Roman) church, especially in the Early Middle Ages. ----

What Are Vibrational Essences? The term "vibrational essence" includes flower essences, gem elixirs, environmental essences and other more esoteric essences. Vibrational essences are all infusions of energy patterns into water. A chemical analysis (using today's technology) would not reveal any chemicals in the water except for the brandy or other preservative that is added to the essence to prevent bacterial growth. The first vibrational essences were flower essences made by placing flowers in spring water. Later on, essences were made with other natural objects that were known to have beneficial powers or properties that were not quantifiable scientifically. These objects include crystals and gems. Gem elixirs capture the "essence" of the gem into a liquid form that can be taken internally and dispersed throughout the energetic body.

Astronomers have long known that the Earth wobbles as it spins. Several irregularities in rotation--small oscillations superimposed upon larger wobbles atop even larger waggles--cause the location of the true North Pole, about which the Earth rotates, to meander across the Arctic landscape.-----The polar wobble ---The polar wobble ----The polar wobble ----The polar wobble ---

Carpocrates of Alexandria was the founder of an early Gnostic sect from the first half of the second century. As with many Gnostic sects we know of the Carpocratians only through the writings of the Church Fathers,----The Secret Gospel of Mark was rediscovered in the library of the Mar Saba Monastery near Jerusalem in 1958. Morton Smith, a visiting Theology graduate student from Columbia University, had just spent many tedious weeks sorting and cataloguing the library's manuscripts, when he discovered something that absolutely stunned him----Three Gnostic sects flourished nearly simultaneously in the Second Century, all which accepted universal salvation: the Basilidians, the Valentinians, and the Carpocratians.-----carpocratians...A Gnostic sect founded by Carpocrates of Alexandria. The sect claimed that Christ derived the mysteries of his religion from the Temple of Isis in Egypt, where he had studied for six years, and he taught them to his apostles who transmitted them to the Carpocratians. The members used theological incantations, and had grips, signs and words, symbols and degrees.
Its beliefs included metempsychosis, the preexistence of the soul, but it rejected the resurrection of the body. Some of their beliefs were held in common with the Basilideans. The sect endured until the sixth century----

hungry grass:The Féar Gortha is Gaelic for 'The Hungry Grass' which sounds like the Irish word Fear for 'man'. There is a strange superstition around rural areas particularly after the Great Famine of 1848 that certain patches of land were bewitched and that if a traveler passed over them that he would suffer uncontrollable pangs of hunger and if assistance were not given to him immediately he would die right there on the ground. ------Hungry grass----Do You Believe? Mischievous Fairies and Hungry Grass-----

moabites----Moab (Hebrew: ??????, Standard Mo?av Tiberian Mô??? ; Greek ???? ; Arabic ????, Assyrian Mu'aba, Ma'ba, Ma'ab ; Egyptian Mu'ab) is the historical name for a mountainous strip of land in modern-day Jordan running along the eastern shore of the Dead Sea. In ancient times, it was home to the kingdom of the Moabites, a people often in conflict with their Israelite neighbors to the west. The Moabites were a historical people, whose existence is attested to by numerous archeological findings, most notably the Mesha Stele, which describes the Moabite victory over an unnamed son of King Omri of Israel.[1] Their capital was Dibon, located next to the modern Jordanian town of Dhiban---Although the Moabites refused passage to the Israelites, Moab did not fight against Israel while they were neighbors for more than 300 years. In fact, Deut. 2:29 makes no complaint about hostility either of Edom or Moab, only mentioning that Moab lacked hospitality and hired Balaam to curse Israel.----

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